About Us

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Who We Are & Why We Do What We Do

In 2007 Matthew Potter and Nicole Allen crossed paths by a stroke of dumb luck.  Matthew had just graduated from ASU with a degree in Realty Studies. The real estate market was shifting and he went to work for a short sale company as his background in Business along with a focus on Real Estate and Investments led him to dive in head first into short sales to help homeowners as the market was falling.  Nicole Allen was in a similar boat and had just moved from loan origination to the aspect of helping homeowners avoid foreclosure through resolving their loans via a short sale. While there, they met Marissa Koretski (Ferrante) who is an amazingly organized individual and together they created the 3 headed monster that is The HYSS Group.  The Help You Short Sell Group was founded and started working non-stop across the country helping thousands of homeowner, title companies and Realtors® with addressing their short sale needs. Since 2007 The HYSS Group has assisted over 17,000 families avoid foreclosure in all 50 states. While Arizona Short Sales are the home base, they assist anywhere in the country that a homeowner needs help.  

Our Short Sale Experts Are:

Matthew Potter – Team Lead – The HYSS Group

Nicole Allen – Team Lead – The HYSS Group

Marissa Ferrante – Transaction Coordinator and Short Sale Superstar

Chet DeRouen – Realtor

Waqas “Kaz” Ellahi – Realtor

Cynthia Bumbaugh – Realtor

While our team has closed many short sales, we never outsource our short sales to anyone as the old adage of “No one will care MORE about your clients than you” is a core belief of The HYSS Group. We will be there from start to finish.  Many of our clients are so happy with the fact we were able to get their short sale approved, they end up buying with us when they can again! You will pay NOTHING for our services and you can cancel at any time. Contact us today for your short sale consultation.